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Lust List| Embracing Fall 2018 And Look Fierce While Doing It

Lust List| Embracing Fall 2018 And Look Fierce While Doing It

Photo by frankie cordoba on Unsplash

I did some research earlier this year to find out what was “THE” favorite season of all time. Even though I was 100% sure that it was Summer I checked anyways, to my surprise the answer was Spring, Americans love Spring. I rallied up a few people via text message informing them of the horrible results I had received and was shocked to find out that they were all in agreement that Spring was a popular fave. I explained that I would have more readily accepted Fall to be the favorite season and a close contender to Summer. It then came to light that since I am a Caribbean native, that I was biased in my season picking and I was obsessed with Summer only because Jamaican weather mirrors Summer all year round. We all came to the conclusion that while Fall comes with its own cool and mysterious charm that people are more into Fall fashion. while Spring is unpredictable, Summer is hot and basic, Winter is solid and structured but with the Fall season, you can be most expressive with how you choose to dress, Fall is the ultimate time to play dress up.

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We welcome you Fall and while its easy for some to get excited about the season, others struggle with the transition to “Fall back” as well as bracing themselves for the Winter. To all my Fall Freaks - we see you; but for my other friends, use this Lust List to put that pep back in your step.

Best Fall Skincare Tips for 2018

Best Fall Skincare Tips for 2018