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Lemoosh Lust List| Summer

Lemoosh Lust List| Summer

Photo by Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash

Believe it or not we only have 70 more days left in summer. I know a few people probably think that 70 days is a lot of time but before we know it there will be hay and pumpkins everywhere.  This post includes everything you need to make your summer amazing. And get this, you can find them all at   #summermood. 

Red lips are epic this summer, it will solidify your outfit and get you noticed. Its the ultimate confidence booster.

You worked hard to get that perfect "minimalist look" - that took an hour and a half to apply. Don't let the heat steal your joy, protect your flawless look with a superior setting spray.

Nothing creates an impression like a woman smelling absolutely exquisite, its head turning and captivating.

Go boho-chic and be unapologetic about it, these bag are everywhere and for a really good reason, they are super cute.

Block heel sandals represents comfort and fashion as besties. 

You can really go anywhere in these slip on slide sandals, it can be used to bring your casual outfit up, or take your dressy outfit down.

Whats a legendary summer staple that will never go out of style? sun glasses. They are the valedictorians of cool.

Earrings usually say a lot for their miniature size, they are what i like to call mood indicators. These earrings = Fiesta.

The bill was passed a few years ago that mandates all girly summer wardrobes to include a  (knock em dead) floral print dress.

wide leg Jumpsuits have made a huge comeback this summer, it is the ultimate must-have for summer outings.


I hope you enjoyed our first lust list and I will add more lists in the upcoming week - Thank you for reading and stay tuned ~

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