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Your gym goals failed, now what?

Your gym goals failed, now what?

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So you stepped on your scale today after avoiding it for months because you knew what the end result would be.  You wonder if the scale is even still working correctly by the number that you’re looking at, but you then remember your most recent food choices and cringe. The bad news is that summer is already here and everyone is hitting the beach. So what the hell are you going to do now?

What you’re not going to do is sit around and mope.  Having a healthy life should always be a priority even when you’ve tried and failed. I’ve read somewhere recently where someone wrote that people are always complaining that they lose their motivation to work out every day, and the reply was something similar to - you lose your freshness every day but you still continue to shower every night, so why not renew your motivation daily. Instead of complaining that it’s gone, do something about it.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, there are several different stages to accomplish a goal. One of the most important stages that people often ignore is the reevaluation stage. If something doesn’t work, change it and try again. So if you’ve tried to hit the gym and fell off the wagon, its time to try again, and remember that its ok if you feel defeated but it's not ok to just give up - like who does that?

Let the doing begin!

It may not be January first but you can still establish new goals by reevaluating the old ones. Check out my back to the gym goal helpers below. Please don’t worry because you’re not alone, I will be purchasing some of these items as well to revamp my fitness journey along with you. To be honest, between work, school and trying to figure out this blogging life, snacking when I am stressed is the new bad habit. I am now looking forward to getting back to a healthier, more energetic me - Join me.


Food can be your enemy OR your best friend, getting into shape will first start with your diet, before working out can be effective  (your diet is 80% and working out is considered 20% of your fitness). Cooking at home is cheaper, and the food you consume will be fresher. Don't be afraid to try new recipes and have fun while eating healthy. Check out this cookbook for cool recipes to get you started on the right track.

Having a good gym bag is super important, it allows you to organize your items to prepare your mind in advanced for a good work out. This specific bag is medium sized and has different zipper sections to hold all your nessecities.

Finding the right footwear shouldn't be a hassle, think light-weight, think comfortabe.

Its important to stay hydrated when working out, make sure you have your water bottle handy. Water alone does wonders for your body and will assist in re-hydrating you while you sweat.

In my opinion,  there is no motivation like your favorite kick butt work out tune. Music keeps you focused and pushes us to go the extra mile.  A wireless headphone is ideal because you have the freedom to engage in multiple activities without worrying about wires or earbuds falling out of your ear. If it has a noise cancelling feature that's even better, nothing puts you into the zone like noise cancellation. 

Running with your phone is a hassle, and leaving your phone in your pocket or on the work out machine is risky. Get yourself this sleeve and reduce the hassle, your phone stays snug on your arm for a worry free workout.

Fit bits and smart watches help by making you more aware of your steps, daily calories burned and heart rate. This works as motivator when working out, it allows you to try an beat yesterday's ratings. 

I have rough hands(for a girl) so gloves are necessary when lifting weights or using weight machines. This will help to keep calluses at bay.

Last but not least, don't forget to lock up your stuff. You work hard for your money and the things you buy. Never leave your items in a locker with no lock. 

Off you go! Remember to have fun, I know I will.

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