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"Leaving the past in the past" | Inspirview

"Leaving the past in the past" | Inspirview

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Inpirviews are inspirational interviews, short dialogues about everyday happiness and challenges. "We don't grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges" - Joyce Meyer


Tell us about yourself

Hi! My name is Jessica but most people just call me Jess. I’m a junior in college majoring in Business Administration and Communications, minoring in Business Law and Television and Radio, with a concentration in Marketing. Yes, it’s a mouthful. Besides hitting the books really hard, I enjoy watching television (I keep up with a lot of shows!) and exploring NYC, for food and pop up exhibits! Fun fact: I dabble in a couple coding languages; I have basic understanding of Ruby, Swift, HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScript. 

 If you could send a note to the future, what would you tell them about the world today?

 I would tell them we are probably in our lowest point as a society. Dang, I can’t wait till the social studies textbooks write about this presidency. But honestly, ignorance is a huge part of why everything happened. So to the future, be educated. 

 Name one major challenge that you face in your everyday life.

A major challenge would be my anxiety and overthinking. I’m glad I haven’t gotten any panic attacks recently but I overthink a lot. My brain remembers the cringyest things and even though it happened years ago it’ll randomly pop up and I would be stuck in that cycle. 

How are you dealing with this challenge?

 I remind myself that the past is in the past. I can’t redo the moment. It’s gone and unfortunately, I just happen to remember it. However, I did read somewhere that every time we remember something it gets altered and eventually your memory of it isn’t accurate. We also tend to dwell on the what ifs: what if I did this instead of this? And I stop myself and remind myself how grateful I am to be where I am right now because who knows how the other would’ve turned out. 


Tell us what keeps you motivated?

My grandfather. He has always been there for me. From teaching me my multiplication tables before I had to learn them to taking me to every doctor’s visit (I hate shots!), he’s always supported me in whatever I wanted to do. Another thing that keeps me motivated is my end goal of getting a yacht. Whenever my best friend and I are struggling (with whatever we’re dealing with) we remind ourselves that one day we will get that yacht. 

Thank you Jessica, for sharing with us!

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