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Combatting Summertime FOMO

Combatting Summertime FOMO

Photo by Wang Xi on Unsplash


FOMO means having a fear of missing out, it is usually accompanied by stress and anxiety brought on by the idea that something fun and exciting is happening somewhere and you are not a part of that fun. 

Examples of situations that may result in FOMO  

  • All of your friends are making party plans together, but you already have that date booked to do something important but less fun. 
  • You went shopping and stuck to your budget but, there was one or two additional pieces that you think you could have bought but you didn't and you cant stop thinking about all the places you could have worn them.
  • You enter a restaurant and when the waiter asks you what you would like to have, you order a salad and everyone else orders shrimp scampi and steaks. 
  • 2 or more of your friends are watching  a particular show on Netfilx and wont stop talking about it but you just cancelled your subscription.
  • You hop on Snapchat to see that everyone you know is out and about on a beautiful Saturday morning on different types of Fun-ventures 
Photo by  ActionVance  on  Unsplash

Photo by ActionVance on Unsplash

If you are still unsure if you suffer from FOMO, ask your self these five questions

  1. Do you begin to feel insufficient as you scroll down your social media timeline? 
  2. Do you feel like every one on "the Gram" is living a happier life that you are?
  3. Do you have difficulties making a purchase because you feel that a better deal may exist? 
  4. Do you obsessively check Facebook or Snap chat to see what your friends are doing?
  5. Do you find yourself constantly on your phone even when you're supposedly having a good time?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions you suffer from FOMO.  Recently while having a conversation with my two friends we came to the realization that we all suffered from FOMO in different ways. 

According to the findings in the trend report:

  • 42% say social media has increased their FOMO
  • 8 in 10 say people use social media to brag about their lives
  • Millennials (age 13-17) feel most left out when their peers: are doing something they’re not (52%), find out about something before they do (46%), or buy something they haven’t bought (46%)
  • 50% of millennials polled said they spread themselves too thin trying to keep up with their peers

Surprisingly, research have shown that FOMO is not a new phenomenon, its only being amplified by social media. Being in the know was always something that has been an advantage for centuries. Today social media platforms allows us access to view the decisions that other people are making resulting in constant comparison which then leads to sadness and a feeling of inadequacy. 

How can we fight FOMO?

Photo by  Clarisse Meyer  on  Unsplash

Let go

Let go of your social media obsession. Take a break, at least an hour everyday to let your phone charge and let your brain charge. Complete a task, catch up on your favorite shows with a glass of wine or just take a long bath with your favorite body wash. 

Remember who you are

I absolutely love Disney's the Lion King, specifically when Mufasa tells Simba to remember that he is the one true king, and I use this in my everyday life. You have standards that you set for your everyday life, try to apply them also to your FOMO. you are a busy individual that really don't have the time to be gawking 5 profiles deep in Instagram and even if it happens, pull yourself out by remembering that you are awesome, your life is pretty awesome and you are ok with that. 

Be OK with yourself

Everyday we see pictures and videos of people laughing and having a good time, but what we don't see are the times when they are struggling, sad, tired, and suffering from whatever is happening in their real lives. 

Have fun: Remember that life is short, enjoy the little things and live in the moment if you were no longer living tomorrow would you say you've lived a happy life? would social media matter then? 


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