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4 simple items that will transform your Living room

4 simple items that will transform your Living room

Your home is more than just walls accommodating your belongings, it is your sanctuary and a profound reflection of who you are. After a long and hard day at work, we all go home for comfort and relaxation, studies have shown that the closer we get to home, the more relaxed we become.  Adding your personal touch to any living space alleviates stress, and gives a feeling of accomplishment. Here are four items that you can purchase right now to change the look and feel of your living room from bleak to chic. 

  • Curtains: 

Windows are often referred to as the eyes of the home. They provide light as well as warmth. Curtains are exciting because for just a few yards of fabric, they provide the opportunity to control the atmosphere of a room. It will be the first thing that you or your guests are drawn to so you want to ensure that the colors or patterns are aesthetically pleasing. 

  • Throws & Throw pillows: 

There are only two main things that you need to remember about these two; 1. Throws make your living room look super luxurious and 2. Decorative throw pillows are allowed to be fun and festive and they are never too cute to not throw at your friends and family members. You can find a wide variety of Throws and Throw pillows almost everywhere, and because they are inexpensive, you can always replace them based on seasons or just to follow basic trends. 

  • Area rugs: 

Area rugs have become a new chic living room staple. The variety of colors, textures and shapes easily allows for fun decorating with endless possibilities. Rugs help to designate specific areas in large spaces, as well as used to conceal flaws that may exist on the original flooring. 

  • Wall Art:

This is more personal than curtains, pillows or rugs since your wall art is a representation of who you are. It creates a point of focus in your room and allows your room to feel more complete and polished.

These four items combined can transform your living room space because they are usually located in key areas inside your living room. Changing most if not all of these four elements at once and adding a dash of  theme will make for a lovely and refreshing transformation. 

Here are a few affordable items from Amazon that you may use to begin the transformation of your living room. 




Bonus tip: Don't forget the scented candles or new glade plug ins, this will help the space not only look different but feel different #issavibe 

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