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How To Dress Like A Boss While Taking 2019 By The Balls

How To Dress Like A Boss While Taking 2019 By The Balls

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

A few months ago my business professor gave our class a lecture on corporate cultures, he went on to explain that the willingness to immerse yourself in the culture of your place of employment may impact how well you perform at your job. One specific story stood out to me in class that day; he explained that while having a conversation back in his younger days with a colleague about a new tie, the colleague began telling him a trick that he uses to appear more “likable” to his bosses and swears that this secret has worked wonders for him since he began working in corporate.

“I dress like my boss, if he wears a red tie I wear a red tie a few days later. If he wears a plaid shirt, I wear a plaid shirt a few days later”

The man then went on to describe how his choice of car as well as the neighborhood that he was residing in were directly affiliated with this “copy the boss” strategy.

I was speechless, “Do people really do this”? I blurted out involuntarily. But the answer was clear, the copy your boss strategy was not new it was clearly being used, and often. I used to hear the phrase “dress for the job you want, and not for the job you have” a lot, but I always thought that was funny because I would imagine myself doing a retail job but showing up everyday to work in a suit. Over all all this revealed one thing, appearance matters a lot more than I thought in the work field.

While I don’t recommend the copying of any one else’s style, I do believe you can find your own style that marries your jobs dress code policy, with your own personal style.

Here are my fave pieces that will have you looking like a boss while handling your daily duties and taking this challenging year by the balls.

I hope these work pieces strike your fancy and remember, If you look good, there’s an 80% chance that you’re going to feel good. ~


Ann Taylor

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