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Vacation catwalk 2019 | Comfy Airport Fashion

Vacation catwalk 2019 | Comfy Airport Fashion

Photo by Atikh Bana on Unsplash

I boarded an airplane for the first time when I was around 14 years old and I remember how important it was to my parents to prepare for this trip. I was travelling with my mom and step dad at the time and being from the Caribbean meant extreme caution and seriousness when getting ready for this “event”. Passports - check! Bubble gum to relive ear popping - check, Overweight luggage filled with Jamaican delicacies - check! I remember constantly staring at the suitcases because older folks would tell you “don’t leave the suitcase unattended for even a minute as someone may place items in or worse, run off with your luggage”. Travelling was always a stressful experience because we had all these fears and myths about the process so we were always on our P’s and Q’s .

We had a waving gallery at the Norman Manley International airport where we would stand to see travelers off ; After your loved one had made it through security we had one last opportunity to see them as they walked across the warm asphalt path and slowly climbed each step towards the plane’s entrance. Every passenger travelling from Jamaica had one main thing in common - we were dressed to kill… or so we thought.

Airport fashion was always been high priority on our travel list and catching a flight would always require our “Sunday’s best” and nothing less. Our fashion included a wide variety of bright colors, new purse, matching shirt and sandals, We were only allowed to visit the hairdresser the day before travel to ensure not one stand of hair was out of place. We were heading somewhere super important and god forbid we wore something that was worn before. As I grew older, I still payed attention to airport fashion, and while few things changed, looking cute while travelling remained the same.

Today things are a little more laid back than it used to be , (yes we still love to wear bright colors). Our tickets are electronic, we travel light and most importantly we travel comfy!

below are some comfy airport must haves from ASOS for all my ladies getting “flewed out” .

Leggings, leggings, leggings! unless you wish to take off your belt going through TSA - you are welcomed.

This ribbed maxi and flip flops screams fashionable and functional.

A simple soft tee can be cute and casual.

A sassy sun dress is casual and dressy at the same time - arrive in style.

Shorts can be sporty and fun, I mean… less is more right? ;-)

A nice cardigan is ideal for when the cabin hits those chilly temperatures.

Don’t forget your backpack!

What is the one thing you would never hit the airport without? comment below.



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