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The underdogs of Decor | Candles

The underdogs of Decor | Candles



The right decor choices will have you rushing home at the end work day just to walk through your door and sigh at the beauty and immediate relaxation that blankets you at the entrance of your home. A key element in home decor and one of the most underestimated is the basic scented candle. The presence of candles creates a magical atmosphere , the warmth and soft glow transforms a room into one of charm and mystery. There's also a sense of nostalgia that comes with buying a candle, most individuals purchase not just a candle but select scents in the form of memories of times past.In the contemporary society candles are now marketed as a home decor staple, not only will Your candle bring back the fragrance of your favorite memory, it can do so looking chic, colorful and eye catching. Candles have now evolved into statement pieces for tables,shelves, in any room of the house.


Below we have the top 5 candle scents sold in the country  from According to candle
#5 Christmas cookie
#4 Clean cotton
#3 Autumn wreath
#2 Macintosh (apple)
#1 Pink sands

My personal fave would have to be clean cotton. I also fancy spa like candles with a relaxing feel (not too overpowering). 

So the next time you reach for a random candle, remember that it’s look is as important as how it will make you feel.

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