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Basic tips to get your health on track

Basic tips to get your health on track

Are you super annoyed by people on these intense health journeys? would you like to start but think that it's too late and you cant change?  well, I have great news, you can change and here is how.

Before you read further it's important that you understand that your current food choices affect your overall health, and this will impact how you feel now, as well as how you will feel in the future. Good nutrition along with physical activity can help you to maintain a healthy life and reduce your risk of chronic diseases. below we will discuss a few important points to aid in healthylivin

1. Food. 



Cook your food yourself as often as you can. One major conflict we have with food is that most food easily accessible  is processed and this can be harmful if consumed everyday. Processed foods contain high levels of salt, as well as chemicals in the form of preservatives. real food (fresh fruits and veggies) are highly recommended. 

2. Sleep. 


Get lots of sleep, sleep is when your body attempts to repair it self. If you are not getting sufficient sleep, this affects the metabolism and this impacts our appearance. 

3. Exercise. 


Exercise is imperative to achieve a healthy body. Frequent workouts can have long lasting effects on your mind and body. Exercise has been known to help depression, lower blood pressure, as well as lower your risk for heart attack. 30 minutes of exercise is recommended daily for adults. 

4. Meditation.


Meditation is not a health necessity for most traditional individuals. but the benefits of meditation has earned its keep in society. the concept of being still (usually for prayer) is very common which leads me to think that people meditate in different ways and call  it different things but we all have some form of meditation in our lives. It is recommended that we give ourselves at least 10 minutes every day in a relaxing and calming environment to be still and reset our minds. 

5. Motivation


Motivation can be described  as a combination of interest, energy and drive. Motivation also can come from inspiration, so find what inspires you a song, a program, or even a person and let that motivate you to have a healthier lifestyle and remember YOU GOT THIS ! 

~ Look, I  know that changing your current habits or living this type of life is not always easy. Unhealthy foods are more accessible, working out sometimes take more effort that we care to give and stress causes a lot of different things to happen to our bodies, but just take it one day at a time love. You don't have to change everything at once, just change little things at a moderate pace and remain consistent. If you fail one day, start over on the next because that's what new days are for. 





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