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"This is me"|Inspirview

"This is me"|Inspirview

Inpirviews are inspirational interviews, short  dialogues about everyday happiness and challenges. "We don't grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges" - Joyce Meyer


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I wanted to have a specific section on Lemoosh to talk with people.  I see and read a ton of celebrity interviews, and i always ask myself the same question - how can anyone honestly relate to someone who's a millionaire who is facing challenging times? To some extent you can generalize issues,  but realistically let say Mark Cuban and myself wouldn't be in the same category if we both have to face challenges.  Even though reading about celeb drama is entertaining , I prefer to read about the regular everyday person. who are you? where are you heading in life? what are some of the challenges that you are facing on your journey? how are you overcoming your fears? we all living in this world together yet so many people feel like they are doing this "life thing" alone and that sucks.  One day i realized that if I wanted to read content like this, I might as well just write it.

1. Tell us about yourself

 Hi, I am Sham.

I am 32, introverted,  sarcastic and I love shrimp. I work full time and attend school part time at nights. I like corny jokes and I am the most hilarious person in the world in my head, but not necessarily to anyone else. I enjoy live music that includes a variety of musical instruments. Sometimes I love to write and I am also great at making up witty catchphrases. I like to consider myself as a goofball and i love making others laugh.


2. What are some challenges that you are currently facing?  

I deeply dislike public speaking, it makes me extremely nervous. 

I am an over-thinker, one situation usually results in over a dozen mental replays with different meanings and outcomes (if you can find a more exhausting way to torture yourself, let me know)

 I also notice that I do most of my best work under extreme pressure, its a great feeling when you  complete an important piece of work  (that you waited last minute to do) with only 10 seconds to spare, but it doesn't take a genius to understand that this is not how it should be. 

3. How are you planning to address these challenges? 

I try to practice speaking with a clear mind in my bathroom, I allow myself to make mistakes and calmly try again, and again until I have built enough confidence.

I try to address my overthinking by first identifying that I am in "overthink-land" then I laugh at myself this usually slows my racing thoughts.

I will review more time management Ideas and try new routines to see how I can maybe adjust a few things in my life to get the ball rolling (go to sleep earlier - wake up early).

4. If you could share words of wisdom on your younger self what would it be? 

If I could share one thing with my younger self it would be to embrace yourself, you already knew who you were in your heart and you are still that girl today and its A-okay.

5. What is your favorite motivational quote

My favorite motivational quote that I use often is - “Put on your BGP” putting on your big girl panties can be applied to stressful situations that may lead you to question your confidence, you may feel defeated because you have failed at a task.  Accessing the power of your BGP will help you to push through the day. In short, it means accepting responsibility for your actions even when the circumstances make you want to cry like a baby, remind yourself that you are a big girl and pull up the BGPs.

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