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What kind of Traveler are you?

What kind of Traveler are you?

"Seeing the world" is something that most people dream to do. I always ask myself, how can someone completely understand life if they have not traveled outside their immediate borders. Technology allows people to observe and even interact with individuals living in different cities, states and even countries, but there is nothing quite like real travel. 

People travel for different reasons, some for adventure, education, self-reflection and self-renewal and others are just curious and wish to experience a culture that is not their own. People that have "caught the travel bug" can all agree on one thing, travel is one of the best forms of relaxation. 

Here are 5 types of travel categories that can classify most travelers

1. Nature lovers


Nature lovers are individuals that enjoy observing plants and wildlife. They will travel extremely far to see exotic animals and rare plants, or they may just be content with being surrounded with greenery. You can find the nature lover on, hikes, on historical tours or simply on the beach. Their aim is to observe, and show as much love and respect as possible to "mother nature"

2. Travel fashionistas. 


The Traveler fashionista travels with outfits for each specific occasion. If you have ever travelled with a  fashionista you know that there is an extra bag that only holds shoes and another with only accessories. Every outfit is specifically planned:  beachwear, excursion wear, dinnerwear, club after dinner wear. regardless of what happens on vacation, a traveller fashionista will be chic camera ready. 

3. The  "In search of renewal" Travelers  


Some people travel for a mental reset. Most of these travelers journey alone to reflect on life. They take long walks or even find secludes areas where they can be still without interruption. 

4. The resort bodies.


The resort body traveler is the the equivalent to a "home body". Poolside, dinner, room - repeat. The resort body traveler has not interest in excursions, nature or fashion, his renewal comes from just being away from home, nothing less, nothing more.

5. The vacation raver.


The vacation Raver is a legend. The Raver does not seek reflection, nature or relaxation only parties. Most ravers will forgo luxurious accommodations to find just a flight, share a hotel room with 5-6 persons just to get to one specific party. The Raver has 3 simple rules -   Get in, Party hard,  Get out. 

It doesn't matter which category you fall into  - Go see the world

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