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I’ve met a lot of people who have followed every rule in the book to be successful and happy in life, they are young, smart and energetic people but frequently complain that they don’t feel excitement while at work or complain of sheer boredom in their careers and personal life. Back in the day I was going through a rough patch and someone gave me a much-needed jolt by asking me what I did outside of work - the answer was nothing. I was transitioning from one work position to another and at that time it was the most important thing in my life, I wasn’t doing anything extra I worked, ate and slept. This continued for over a year, It wasn’t until I was asked this question that I realized that I wasn’t doing much regarding self investment, today things are very different.

Here are 5 things you can do to invest in your self and lead that fulfilling life you know you deserve.

  • Education

    Education is extremely important when referring to self investment. I recently had a conversation with someone who explained to me that going to college was not for them, I promptly asked why and the person explained to me that they have already learnt all they could and college had nothing more to teach however, this individual reads and extensive amount of literature and articles to keep abreast of news, politics, trends and the economy in general. This observation lead me to understand that learning is a never ending process and education exists in various formats. You can earn a degree or a certification, take a seminar or workshop. education is anything new and positive that you can learn that will enhance your current skill set .

  • Finance

    Learning even the basics about finance and money management can be considered a major investment. Learning how to balance your account is very important. Don’t be afraid of the details, sit down with some one financially savvy or an adviser who will point you in the right direction in terms of your financial health. You also have many banking apps that will categorize your spending for you, this way any category that you overspend on will be highlighted. You can also take budgeting or personal finance workshops; these are usually free and given by your bank or by other financial institutions. You can also invest in yourself by saving, you don’t have to have a thousands of dollars to begin saving, you can start with just $20. Arrange with your Payroll department to have at least $50 taken from your main account and placed into a savings account for your rainy day savings.

  • Health

    Every time I read these “7 things that all millionaires do” articles they all have one main focus and this is health. Health deserves its own post but for right now I am only referring to physical and mental health. Invest in your physical health. Join a gym, join a group of runners/ Joggers, workout at home or simply try to be more active, I once purchased an Indoor rock climbing package from Groupon with my friends. I always believed that our bodies are machines, If we can fuel our bodies right and keep it in shape and it will work hard for us and with us however I was missing the bigger picture. Our bodies are so much better than machines, Our bodies can heal and repair itself naturally without you saying one word. Investing in your health could also mean taking the time to meditate and breathe correctly, eating clean, or getting a massage. A lot of people think that money will solve all of their problems while their health is being neglected - don’t be one of those people.

  • Beauty

    Beauty plays a massive part in our everyday lives, it directly defines how we see ourselves as well as how people see and treat us. You can invest in your own beauty in countless ways . Make up is sometimes the first thing that comes to mind when someone says beauty, so invest in good makeup that is specific to your needs. Ensure that your make up ingredients help your skin to be better. Make sure that your make up routine looks cohesive and highlights your best features. find the perfect look then stick to it for everyday purposes ; you may build out on that look by adding a smokey eye, red or pink lip for fun nights out on the town.

    Investing in Beauty also means investing in skincare. Once you are clear on the specific needs of your skin create a plan. You may use the 3 step routine - face wash, toner and moisturizer all specific to your skins needs: don’t be scared to evaluate your skin for extra add-ons, mud masks, peels and serums can really take your natural skin up a notch. Remember this - If you look good, chances are you’re going to feel good.

  • Hobby

    I started blogging years ago, long before it was cool to use the term blogger. I used to blog about my experiences commuting to and from work, it was hilarious. I didn’t consider it a hobby at the time but that’s exactly what it was. A hobby can be anything you in your spare-time for fun. Over the past few years I’ve had different hobbies, I have made throw pillow covers, yoga mat bags, I did the blogging thing and currently my new hobby is painting and I find it exhilarating. I just realized that many people have hobbies but never call them hobbies. Some people like video games, they would call themselves “Gamers”, other people consider themselves movie buffs, Sports fans, but these are all hobbies and if you don’t have a bunch life can be pretty bland.You can invest in yourself by finding a hobby, something you’ve always wanted to try that you feel you might enjoy here are a few that you can try if you don’t know where to start painting, dancing, join a book club, knitting, surfing, volunteering, running, rock climbing, camping,or fishing. Hobbies are great conversation starters, they will make you stand out from the crowd. Hobbies also relieve stress, and if there is one thing we have a lot of nowadays its stress.

Feel free to comment and share your own self investment examples ~



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