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Secrets to throwing a memorable Summer Shindig

Secrets to throwing a memorable Summer Shindig

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

 Do you have aspirations to become the "hostess with the mostest"? Would you love to host Thanksgiving or even Christmas dinner but your hosting resume is meagre and you wish to throw a soft launch event to let your family and close friends know what you can do? It’s going to take more than matching cups and paper plates to add a degree in hosting and mosting to your resume but I have a few simple tips to help you to get recognized in the “we host legendary home shindigs society”.

 Get your notepad ready, in order to execute this event effectively, you will first need to write your ideas down, for example, how you would like your event to feel? Like a tropical paradise? cool and nautical? A midsummers day bash? classy and chic? find a theme, then work from there.

 Next, Create a physical guest list to have an idea of how many people will attend your tropical paradise shindig.

 Think food

Photo by  Kirsty TG  on  Unsplash

Photo by Kirsty TG on Unsplash

Will you have catered food? Snacks and soft drinks or finger foods and BYOB? Ensure the menu is sufficient for the number of persons you plan to invite plus ten – (because chances are that crashers will show up). Select simple but classic eats that’s easy to accomplish, instead of one epic dish accompanied by 10 other mediocre items.


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If this is a themed summer party even in the slightest, you have to follow through with the matching decor. Usually this is where everyone runs off to party city and go crazy with one specific theme, for example, leopard print tablecloth, leopard print curtains, rugs, print cups, forks, knives, to go with that super-secret pair of leopard print undies you’ve been dying to wear. Keeping it simple is best! While nothing is wrong with leopard print its more effective when your theme is subtle. Don’t be afraid to play with hues, or strategically placed pops of color.

Your crowd will be moving through 3 main spaces - the gathering area, the food area and the bathroom, I recommend all of these areas be included with the theme of the party.

For each room, I suggest just a few basic changes per area to keep things simple yet captivating.

The living room - Add curtains that reflect the theme along with matching pillows and a corresponding centrepiece.

 The kitchen - utilize simple yet theme friendly (or neutral) Tablecloth and, disposable ware  You may include something special in the kitchen, for example, a small chalkboard sign next to the drinks or a funny bar sign.

The bathroom shower curtain should be a part of the theme, ensure that your restroom is clutter free and last but not least as fresh as an ocean breeze and prepare to check in over time to ensure that it remains this way.

Feel free to add small bouquets of flowers throughout the moving spaces.


Photo by  Juja Han  on  Unsplash

Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash

Ensure you have the correct music to set the vibe, if you have access to a DJ then that's great, but be aware of the music levels the last thing you want is to upset your neighbours.  If you do not have a DJ that is A-Okay, just take a few minutes to procure a slamming playlist on your computer or phone, then you have the ability to control the mood of the party without ever having to tend to the music.

Get cute!

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Last but not least, bring it!  nothing elevates anticipation like the host opening the door fully dressed and ready to party. Do not put yourself last, this is still a celebration and your outfit should remind everyone of this, find time to enjoy the party!

Congratulations! You have just become eligible for consideration to host Thanksgiving dinner.

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